All in all I offer to teach at all levels from beginners to advanced:
You can be working with children in a Kindergarden or a Music teacher in Primary School, Music School or Music Academy. I have the ability to make differentiated teaching.
You can choose between the following concepts- but no matter what you choose you will always get your own skills trained and be more trained in playing and sharing music together with lovely common experiences.

Singing, Dance and Percussion (SDP)

In this workshop we will focus on the connection between body percussion
(body movement with steps, clapping,) and playing groovy beats on different kinds of drums and small percussion and at the same developing your musical skills. Singing will be on different languages from fx. Africa, Brazil and Cuba – sometimes just syllables.
Improvisation and playing is a natural way in this workshop.


Djembe Workshop

Warming up and learning the techniques. Playing nice and groovy rhythms.
The music can be from the Mandigue tradition but also more contemporary beats from the hip/hop reggae style or rock djembe can be taught.

Lectures including Drumming and Dance

Need some inspiration to be motivated?
From my different travels outside Scandinavia I have a lot of video and experience I would like to share with you. Look and hear about the music and dance from fx. West Africa, Brazil or Cuba.
After the lecture we go on the floor and try to sing and dance together.


Education preparatory courses

Maybe you need some training to go into a music education. I can help you to be good prepared for the admission test fx. for MGK- course or the Royal Academy of Music in Århus, Denmark.


How to qualified your own musical skills and competences?
Or something else?
I am a certified professional coach and will be glad to be at your assistance.