About Benedikte


I was born in 1959 and have been living in Denmark ever since. But I have done a lot of traveling to countries in Africa like Kenya, Ghana, Guinea Conakry, Mali, Brazil, Cuba and India to meet the musicians, play with them and learn about other music cultures than the western music culture.

My education as a professional musician started at the Royal Academy of Music in Odense in 1983. Since that time I have been teaching music and dance/movement to children and adults in musicshools, music conservatories in Holland, Sweden, Denmark and in Mali. Percussion and dance workshops, Folk high schools in Scandinavia and at World Music Centre and at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus.

I do collaboration on international and professional level with drummasters as  f.x. Famoudou Konate, Mamady Keita, Sidiki Camera, Paul Engel and singer and composer Anita Daulne from Zap Mama.

As a Culture Consultant I am working with Innovating and facilitating cultural programs in kinder gardens and primary school with concerts, theater performances, dancetheatre cultural crews of pupils and film.